s e r v i c e s

Website Design & Development

Websites are made different based on the needs of the owner, and come in various categories with the main ones being:


A personal, or group website where user/s can post their personal opinion, a review of some sort or their life journey, on a regular basis, for public, closed or private viewing


Short for Electronic Commerce, E-Commerce websites are the virtual version of physical storefronts in shopping malls, where transactions are done online. Think of the Internet as one big mall, with many other different stores, and you could be part of it if you have the entrepreneurial and business mind!

Content Management System (CMS):

Need to boast your personal portfolio or company’s products? This is the tool for you – CMS websites allow creating, editing and publishing of content with a simple interface, that anyone can use easily.


Still unsure of which category your dream site falls under? No worries, drop us a message with some basic information, and we will gladly aid you, for free!
Oh, and don’t worry if you’re new to the system, as we will provide training for you after delivering the final product!

Website Maintenance

Need a helping hand to keep your website in perfect condition and up to date? Look no further, as we can help you look after your website, giving it all our love and care.

Website Localization

English to Chinese, Chinese to Thai, Thai to Bahasa Indonesia, etc. – Localization is taking translation a level higher with adaptation of your material to suit a foreign market. If you’re looking to globalize, localization is definitely something not to be scrimped and saved on.

Software Development

Running directly on your (or your company’s) computers, making calls to the Internet, built specifically to your needs and requirements. Some examples would include Invoice Management Systems, Appointment Management Systems, etc. as the list is almost unlimited!