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Noix Cracker

Noix Cracker made its doors open straight with an E-Commerce system, and a right choice they have made. Noix Cracker’s website definitely lives up to their ideology of uniqueness, and presents themselves with a large chunk of creativity. Together with the E-Commerce system, Noix Cracker has garnered a steady growth of both sales and customers.


About Noix Cracker

Welcome to Noix Cracker, your one stop destination and alternative online fashion boutique! Noix Cracker is based in Singapore. We crave and carry a more unique selection of merchandise that would allow you to express your own individual styles. Aimed at fashion forward and ablaze with a passion for trends, Noix Cracker specially handpicks a wide array of styles – from edgy to feminine, wild and eccentric to fun and sweet. It bolds just the right dose of an upbeat and obscure side of an individual. We also occasionally manufacture our own products and bring in imported products from all around the globe that are out of the norm. We believe in taking trends and aesthetics to the next level.

As we work against the mainstream styles, we curate our collections to bring you into our indie world with our tasteful international and local trends to help you stay on the Edge of Fashion. So what are you waiting for! Browse our easy navigation store specially collaborated with fashion web developer Codestrucked.


Testimonial from Noix Cracker

As the website developer for, I am indeed really impressed with the service rendered to us by Codestrucked. Although it was a one man show, Jerome worked really hard to meet all our expectations and created exactly what we have envisioned for the store. I am surprised at how knowledgeable he was with Prestashop and how efficient he was with building up our site despite many tough demands and changes from us. It was almost like whatever we wanted, he could deliver! Moreover, he was very meticulous with details and the rates were not at all cut throat! Thumbs up for the great job done! We look forward to working with Codestrucked again.

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