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Ask and Embla

watch Ask and Embla is an E-Commerce website based on the Shopify platform, and Codestrucked’s first attempt of working with Shopify. The main goal was the realization of the mockup provided by Ask and Embla to a Shopify theme. Thankful for this opportunity, we gained quite a handful of experience from this project with a whole new system.

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enter купить закладку героина в москве About Ask and Embla

передозировка героином Ask and Embla is an independent webstore based in Singapore. We dedicate to supply plugs, tunnels, tapers, accessories and merch to individuals with or without stretched ears alike. We are a dedicated team and we understand your modification-related needs. For this, we source globally to deliver you extensive varieties of one of a kind products, spanning the confines of material and design.  

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закладчик Codestrucked provides superb service and really deserves a million thumbs up for efficiency! It was really fast, comfortable and easy to communicate with Jerome and I highly recommend his expertise! Jerome will actualize your mockups and bring any request to life. Thank you so much for the smooth and quick delivery of tasks and it was really awesome working with you!

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