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Codestrucked is a web and software design and production studio working on dreams. We know the feeling of receiving a product well done, and we strive to make them possible.

We want to see the joy on your face, and share your feeling of euphoria when you receive your product or see it live on the Internet – That, is our goal. Here at Codestrucked, we believe that dreams don’t cost a bomb, nor a car, nor a house. We want to help you realize your dreams at an affordable rate. In this ever-progressing time, it is important to gain a foothold in the online domain, as well as to boost your (and your company’s) productivity with the aid of technology. We aim to deliver quality projects within stipulated hard deadlines, but help us clap the hand by providing us prompt replies, so we won’t have to wait and see your dream getting stuck with delayed progress.


Say ‘Hello’ to…

The Team

Codestrucked is currently a one-man outfit, and always looking for people interested to hop aboard!

Jerome is the founder, web developer, UI designer… all-in-one of Codestrucked. When he’s not working on projects, he’s a Computer Science student at the School of Computer Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. And if he gets free time to himself, he’s interested in an array of things – Music, Photography, Cars, Mechanical Keyboards… and the list goes on and on.
Nothing is ever easy, but always persevere till you one day reach it.


The Technologies

The only constant is change, and we have to adapt to the ever-changing systems and technologies in our industry. Be assured, that we will work hard to embrace them to provide you the competitive advantage. However, to each his own – If you have something else you’d prefer, do let us know and we will work closely towards it! Some of the systems, technologies and services we love using include:

  • Vodien is our partner in crime (?) and definitely our only choice when it comes to web hosting. Owning servers both in Singapore and the USA, Vodien offers efficient web hosting plans for a very affordable price, as well as top-notch customer service that handles any problem almost immediately. Along with a long list of valuable clients, how can we say no to them?
  • PrestaShop, our preferred E-Commerce system of choice as it provides many add-ons and features and functionality for beginners all the way to experts. One of the leading names in E-Commerce, and we are a big fan.
  • WordPress, the best Content Management System you can ever find (according to us), with strong support from the community and developers. Easy to use and manage your content so that they will never get lost, ever again!
  • Google Analytics is for you if you are a person who believes in or are a fan of statistics (don’t worry, you are not alone!). This excellent web tool provides a variety of information to help in assessing your website and allows you to monitor how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is performing.


This Site

Built with tender-loving care and extensive modification on WordPress 3.5 with the integration of both very awesome themes: Adapt and Plixus. Never possible with all the wonderful developers – A big thank you!